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Truro is a beautiful, historic town also known as the 'Hub' of Nova Scotia. Located right at the tip of the Cobequid Bay, and nestled between major highways connecting New Brunswick, PEI, Cape Breton and the rest of Nova Scotia, Truro is a central location for travelers and logistics companies. The town is full of historic homes and properties, beautiful old trees and regal sounding street names. Take a stroll down Prince Street or Esplanade to hit all the small shops and cafes, head to the Tidal Bore Viewing site to watch the tide roll in, or enjoy a picturesque winter skate in front of our photogenic library. Truro branches out into other communities such as Salmon River, Murray Siding, Harmony, Valley, Bible Hill, Onslow, North River, Brookside, Crowes Mills, Old Barns, Millbrook, Hilden and Brookfield, among others. Truro is rich with history and activities. The opportunities to explore waterfalls, hiking, ATVing, etc within a 90km radius are endless. As the third largest community in Nova Scotia, Truro has plenty of amenities and shopping but retains that small town feel and has a less competitive real estate market than larger centers. If you'd like a comfortable community with a cozy feel but lots to offer to raise your family in, retire, or even go to post secondary, this is the place for you. 

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